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 **Toppers get one pillow and mattress twin-full get one pillow and mattresses Queen and King get 2 pillows.
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The Healing Company was established with our customers comfort in mind.  Read about our company

We use the Highest Quality Memory Foam Available

Our memory foam overlay's and mattresses are made of the world finest visco-elastic foam.  The recovery time on Sleep Aid's products is much longer than that of the leading competitor.  Having more "memory" provides better support and a firmer feel for a superior mattress. 

Sleep Aid's memory foam is not as sensitive to heat fluctuations, which change the way traditional memory foams feel.  Overly sensitive foams, such as the leading competitors, will become too firm if the room is cold and too soft if the room is warm.  Sleep Aid memory foam overcomes these problems with temperature fluctuations and has a consistent feel over a large range of temperatures.

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Density and Chemical Control

Many memory foam overlay distributors gain sales by misleading their customers.  They may offer 4 lb foam but often times your are really getting 3 lb. They also distribute low quality products made overseas that may contain harmful toxins.  In this industry you get what you pay for. Quality memory foam products are not cheap, so if the price seems to good to be true, than it is.  If you want the guaranteed best memory foam overlay then you need a Healing Company topper. 

foam overlayAll of our memory foam overlays are made in America. Many companies offer cheaper memory foam pads but nobody offers higher quality or better value than The Healing Company.  All of our memory foam pads have been selected and tested for quality, longevity and comfort.  We do not offer low cost memory foam toppers that don't live up to our high standards.  Our memory foam overlays are comfort guaranteed and come with the longest warranties in the business.

Money Back

overlayAll Purchases from The Healing Company are guaranteed to improve the quality of your sleep.  If for any reason you don't find yourself sleeping better with any of our memory foam toppers, memory foam pads or mattresses, we will refund* the cost of your item for 90 days.  We just ask that you give your new bed an honest try as any change takes getting used too, we are sure you will love it.

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Our Goals

The Healing Company was established with our customers comfort in mind.  We don't believe in offering cheap, low quality memory foam overlays just to gain a sale.  Memory foam overlays come in a range of qualities and prices.  Low priced substitutes do not perform nearly as well as the memory foam overlays that we offer and wont help you get a  better nights sleep.  At The Healing Company we only offer memory foam overlays that we sleep on ourselves and recommend to our friends and family.

* All returned toppers are subject to a $50 fee to cover shipping and handling costs. The fee for mattresses is $200. Please see section titled "guarantee" for complete details.

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