Discount Memory Foam Mattresses Doesn't Always Mean Discount Quality

Sleep Aid produces the highest quality memory foam mattresses on the planet, yet are still able to sell mattresses at discount memory foam mattress prices.  How do they do it?  Here's how.

We ship direct!
All of our great discounted memory foam mattresses are shipped directly from the Sleep Aid warehouse.  The less hands that a product passes through the less the mark up!

We operate exclusively online!
Have you ever heard The Healing Company or Sleep Aid advertised on TV or on the radio?  Can you remember an intrusive Sleep Aid jingle repeated over and over every commercial break?   Of course not.  That's because all of those advertisements cost a lot of money.  Guess who pays for them, the customers!  Sleep Aid has become the leader in the discount memory foam mattress industry through grass roots, online marketing that does not cost a cent.  Our discount mattresses and toppers sell themselves through their unmatched quality, never jingles or commercials, to save you money.

Modern Technology
At this point we would like to take a moment to thank the leading competitor who has paved the way for the memory foam mattress industry.  Sure they were the first, but certainly not the best.  Sleep Aid has learned from the strength and weaknesses of their competitors manufacturing processes and now has designed the most advanced manufacturing plant in the industry.  Their vacuum sealed memory foam mattress production process, and proprietary visco-elastic foam mix, not only surpasses the competitions, but is produced more efficiently, for savings that are passed along to you.  To top things off Sleep Aid is the most environmentally friendly producer of memory foam on the planet!

Our Competition
The important thing to remember when making your purchase is that not all discount memory foam mattresses are created to the same high standards as Sleep Aids.  Overseas manufacturers that offer deep discounts on visco elastic products do this by offering lower quality products produced with low quality materials.  Luckily their is no need to settle for lower quality, potentially toxic mattresses when you can purchase an American made Sleep Aid mattress.  Sleep Aid offers low prices through efficiency, never through compromised quality.

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