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Banish Bedbugs With a Memory Foam Bed

Most Americans have never come face to face with a bedbug. Thatís because after WWII, thanks to better hygiene and the use of pesticides like DDT, the pests were nearly eliminated from U.S. households. Today though, just when you thought you were safe, bedbugs are backÖ and they may be headed for an innerspring mattress near you.  

Bedbugs are small, brownish insects that live inside of some kinds of mattresses and feed on your blood while you sleep. In fact, these ugly little guys will live pretty much anywhere they can find a few crevices to curl up in, but thereís nothing bedbugs like better than an innerspring mattress. Unlike a memory foam mattress, the space inside a traditional inner spring mattress provides a perfect place for the bugs to set up shop, protected and hidden from sight. In some cases, the bedís owner may never even realize they have bedbugs, even though a heavy infestation can involve several thousand individuals. Yuck. 

Thereís only one way to make sure bedbugs donít set up shop inside of your old innerspring mattressÖ Get rid of it! Innerspring mattresses harbor dust mites, and mold, and bedbugs, and to top it all off, they donít even support you properly! Memory foam mattresses from Sleep Aid not only help relieve back pain by supporting your body better, but they also have a solid core, so bedbugs have no place to hide.  So take your motherís advice and donít let the bed bugs bite!

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