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 Fire Retardant Mattresses

Over 400 American lives could be saved each with fire retardant mattresses.  Currently, in every state besides California, mattresses only have to resist fire from lit cigarrettes.  The current Federal law does not require mattresses to withstand open flames from candles, matches or lighters which are the leading cause of mattress fires.  Because of this 32 year old law, millions of Americans are at risk each night.

Mattress fires can reach 1,000 kilowatts of heat in under five minutes. Flashover's are a high risk under these conditions meaning that the rest of the room can simultaneously ignite into flames.  When this happens, its not just the person sleeping in the room who will be harmed, but anyone inside neighboring rooms, apartments or houses.

In January of 2005, California passed the strictest mattress fire safety precautions to date, mandating that mattresses be able to resist fire from open flames.  This law covers mattresses, sofa beds, futons, cribs, fold out beds and more.  Californians can expect the price tags of the new fire retardant mattresses to go up anywhere from 50-200 dollars because of the additional cost of fire proofing mattresses.  However considering that we spend a third of our lives in bed each year, isn't the money worth the extra safety?

Luckily there are ways for all Americans to improve safety with fire retardant mattresses.  All Sleep Aid mattresses pass California's strict mattress fire standards.  Even purchasing a topper can improve the safety of your bed.  By covering your old mattress with a Sleep Aid memory foam topper you are blocking your mattress from potentially hazardous candles, matches and lighters.  Rather than igniting your mattress, a Sleep Aid memory foam topper can resist direct flames from candles and extinguish any flames eliminating the risk of your mattress catching fire.

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