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Memory Foam Buyer's Guide

An introduction to the world of memory foam...

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Every day, more and more people are discovering the benefits of memory foam sleep products. A good memory foam sleep surface has the power to dramatically improve sleep, and may even help alleviate some medical conditions. There is an ever expanding array of choices on the market, however, and the process of shopping for memory foam can be bewildering for a new buyer.

This guide highlights key features and qualities that are important when evaluating memory foam sleep systems. The purpose of this guide is to help the reader make an informed choice about their particular memory foam needs.

Benefits of Memory Foam

Memory foam is unique as a sleep surface because of its ability to reduce pressure points, as well as its ability to conform to the body, and provide consistent support.

  • Pressure Points

    When you lay down, the parts of your body that rest most heavily on the mattress are called pressure points. As you sleep, these pressure points can cause discomfort, leading to the tossing and turning that many of us experience at night. These disturbances, sometimes as many as 80 in a night, rob us of precious deep sleep, and can affect our daily lives.

  • Spinal Alignment

    Memory foam also allows for proper alignment of the body, keeping the spinal column in a natural position. Sleeping with misaligned vertebrae can lead to back pain and even more serious conditions. Memory foam helps to avoid these problems.

Cost: How Much is Too Much?

The first thing to realize about memory foam is that it is a technologically advanced product, and so itís somewhat costly to produce. This means that at retail, memory foam is significantly more expensive than other types of foam. The bottom line is, cheap memory foam will invariably be just that; cheap.

  • You should be prepared to spend anywhere from $80 (twin) to $400 (CA king) on a high quality topper, depending on variables like density, thickness and size of the pad. A high-quality memory foam mattress should cost anywhere from $600 to $2400 depending, again, on several variables.
  • Buyers should also remember that it isnít necessary to buy the most expensive brand on the market in order to get a high-quality product. For years, the only memory foam beds available were the pricey ďmall brands.Ē These beds can cost up to $3,400 for a king size, and while they are a high quality product, you also pay a premium for the brand name.
  • Fortunately in recent years, newer brands like Sleep Aid have entered the market, producing very high quality products at a significantly lower cost.

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