Heat Reduction ChannelsHeat Reduction Vents (HRV)

Sleep Aid recently introduced a new line of memory foam mattresses and pads complete with revolutionary Heat Reduction Vents (HRV).  In the past traditional memory foam products have had trouble breathing due to the high density of memory foam.  Sleep Aid's heat reduction vents eliminate this problem by laser cutting air vents into the memory foam for ultimate air circulation. Sleep Aid is the world's only supplier of memory foam complete with heat reducing air vents.


We recommend pairing your Sleep Aid memory foam mattress or topper with a natural fiber, breathable fitted sheet.  Using a breathable fitted sheet will maximize the performance of the Heat Reduction Vents for breathable comfort. Using a non breathable material such as a plastic cover will defeat the benefits of the Heat Reduction Vents.


Sleep Aid Comfort ZonesSleep Aid Comfort Zones
Sleep Aid has taken undisturbed sleep to the next level by adding Comfort Zones to all HRV memory foam products. The Comfort Zones make them plusher at the head and feat and more supportive for your hips.


Sleep Aid Comfort Zones work because of increased frequency of the heat reduction vents cut into the top layer towards each end of the mattress or topper while the mid section remains relatively solid to maximize support for your heavier mid section and hips.


By purchasing a Sleep Aid memory foam mattress or topper, complete with the revolutionary Heat Reduction Vents, you are ensuring countless wake free nights. With Sleep Aid you can have all of the benefits of memory foam with the breath ability of a traditional mattress!


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