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10" Sleep Aid Inspiration: Best Seller

The Inspiration is our best selling memory foam mattress. It ranks head to head with any leading name-brand. Stay comfortable all night with the luxurious SleepDry Wick-Away Cover for breathability, while our HRC Memory Foam conforms to your body. Placing your spine in proper orthopedic alignment. The Medical Grade Anti-Vibration Core provides further support, and effectively absorbs vibrations generated by your partner's movements.

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What’s under the Hood?

From top to bottom, a cross section of the Inspiration looks like this:

1. The SleepDry Wick-Away Cover is an elegant quilted top featuring a simple yet appealing design. This ventilating layer has wicking properties, regulating temperature while other mattresses over-insulate.

2. The 3-Inch, 4-Pound Memory Foam with Heat Reduction Channels (HRC) is the part that conforms to your body, while our patented HRC foam’s advanced system provides unparalleled breathability and unprecedented comfort.

3. The 7-Inch Medical Grade Anti-Vibration Core stabilizes the mattress. This layer absorbs vibrations, so when your partner moves, you don’t feel it.

Can You Give Me More Details?

We’re happy to assist you! Our on-call staff of friendly memory foam experts is waiting by the line at 1-888-767-5556.

The SleepDry Wick-Away Cover: Breathable and Soothing

The cover is the layer closest to your body while you rest, so its comfort is of the highest importance. Made from an advanced fiber system that will sooth and satisfy, the SleepDry cover with wicking properties is a ventilating fabric that keeps you comfy while you sleep. The cover itself has a beautiful quilted look, featuing a unique design that speaks to the comfort it will provide you.

The HRC Difference: For Optimum Temperature Regulation

Inspiration features ventilation grooves, called Heat Reduction Channels (HRC), which increase airflow to help regulate temperature. Fresh air comes into the mattress through these river-like channels, while warm air flows out – maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the night. This enhances your body’s natural temperature-regulation abilities.

Most people complain that competitors’ memory foam mattresses are too warm. In conforming to the body’s shape. Other mattresses leave little room for air circulation, trapping in heat, leading to an uncomfortable sleep experience. Sleep Aid engineers have solved this common problem by patenting an innovative technology that allows your mattress to breathe.

The Inspiration’s advanced HRC temperature-control system will help you rest at your perfect temperature. Sleep Aid understands that the function of a mattress is not insulation, but breathability and support.

Is Your Mattress Hurting Your Back?

The 3-inch, 4-pound HRC Memory Foam is what conforms to your body while you sleep, keeping your spine in proper orthopedic alignment and supporting your pressure points. A healthy sleep holds your spine in the position of a standing person with good posture, and that is exactly what the Inspiration allows your body to do. This natural position relieves your back of aches and pains, unlike innerspring mattresses, which tend to aggravate pain.

Memory foam evenly distributes weight across the body, relieving painful pressure points in areas like the hips and shoulders that support the most weight. If you don’t wake up refreshed on your innerspring mattress, that’s because it actually pushes against your body. This leads to tossing and turning that interrupts your sleep cycle and prevents you from sleeping deeply. By cradling your body instead of working against it, HRC Memory Foam puts an end to tossing and turning once and for all.

Imagine Never Being Disturbed by Your Partner Again!

This 7-inch medical Anti-Vibration Core works in synergy with the HRC Memory Foam to keep your spine in proper alignment. Specially formulated to prevent vibrations, it absorbs the effects of body movements; if you change positions, your partner will not feel a thing. This Medical Grade Anti-Vibration Core is what gives the Inspiration its stability. Regular innerspring mattresses and waterbeds produce a rippling effect that crosses the bed with each movement, but the core absorbs these movements and stops them in their tracks.

Finally: Relief for Allergy Sufferers!

Innerspring mattresses contain thousands of tiny bugs called dust mites that eat your skin. Many Americans, rather than recognizing these pests as a source of their allergies and asthma attacks, try different remedies in hopes of relief. Why not get rid of allergies the natural way, with a hypoallergenic memory foam mattress? Dust mites cannot live in the cell-packed memory foam of the Inspiration, making this model a clean, health-conscious alternative to traditional mattresses.

American-Made: The Standard of Excellence

Foreign-made mattresses contain smelly, dangerous allergens like formaldehyde and carcinogens that make you sick and harm the environment. Often they are simply poured into a mold and then baked unevenly, causing inconsistent support that does not give you proper orthopedic alignment. But the Inspiration is manufactured in America to be nontoxic and hypoallergenic. Our foam is made with a special vacuum-injection process that allow for a perfected, even consistency, giving you consistent support. Our strict quality control regulations ensure that you receive only odor-free mattresses that provide even support, made through an advanced, environmentally-friendly process.

Fast, Free, Easy Delivery and Assembly

Shipping is free! Receive your mattress within 10 to 14 business days, then assemble the frame in just 10 minutes – no additional tools are required. The frame is made especially for Sleep Aid HRC Memory Foam Mattresses, because ordinary frames just won’t do. Ordinary box-spring foundations cause memory foam to sink into gaps, yielding uneven support; but our special foundation is flat and works in synergy with the Inspiration. The mattress and foundation are easy to move, store, and disassemble.

You always receive custom-ordered, fresh foam. Competitors often store their foam for months on end, leading to an undesirable condition called compression-set: that is, they become lumpy because they do not rebound to their original shape. With fresh foam, your mattress is compressed just before shipping, and it will retain its full original shape for proper spinal orthopedic alignment.

Extra-Long Warranty Improves Mattress Value

We are so confident in the quality of the Inspiration that it comes with a 10 year warranty – twice as long as most competitors. This makes the Inspiration a far better value than inner-spring mattresses, which must be replaced every 5 years for sanitary reasons. With our 10 year guarantee, you pay less in the long run.

Put the Inspiration to the Test

You have 90 days and nights to sleep on your new Inspiration mattress. If you are not completely satisfied with the way it makes you feel, you may return your mattress, no questions asked.

An Investment in Your Health

Sleep Aid’s Inspiration is the most affordable mattress for its high standard of quality, offering numerous sleep benefits. No other mattress in its class brings you this much quality for this low price: starting at just $399.

Don’t Sleep another Day on an Uncomfortable Mattress

You’ve read about our exclusive HRC Memory Foam mattresses, and now is the time to try them out. What have you got to lose? With our trial and warranty period, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Purchase your mattress today and sleep on your decision. The Sleep Aid Inspiration will take you to unprecedented heights of relaxation.

Inspiration Mattress Pricing

Free Shipping On All Products!

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