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Bedbugs are making a comeback all over the country. In fact, they may be hiding in your old inner-spring mattress right now. Memory foam mattresses are one sure way to avoid these unwanted guests, because thereís no hollow space for the vermin to call home. Take your motherís adviceÖ buy a memory foam mattress and donít let the bedbugs bite!

Sciatica is a specific kind of pain associated with the sciatic nerve, a major nerve running from the lower spine, down the back of the leg. A fairly common condition, sciatica generally manifests itself as a pain or numbness in the lower back, often extending into the foot and lower leg.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic fatigue syndrome has been getting more and more attention lately, partially because of new research about its causes and treatments

Memory foam mattresses and toppers provide patients prone to bed sores a safer bedding option.

Do you suffer from the constant aches and pains of fibromyalgia?  Would you like to know a great way to help get some pain relief?  Our research shows that we may be able to help alleviate some of your disabling fibromyalgia symptoms. 

Poor Sleep
Many Americans are chronically sleep-deprived; up to eighty percent of adults, by some estimates. Much of this deprivation can be attributed to ever-more frantic lifestyles, but a significant portion also comes from poor sleep habits

Memory Foam Education
Why memory foam mattresses provide ultimate comfort and reduce common ailments such as sleep deprivation and fibromyalgia.

Japanese Platform Beds for Memory Foam Mattresses
Japanese platform beds provide just the right amount of support necessary for your new memory foam mattress.

Platform Beds Frames
Learn which platform bed frames will work with memory foam mattresses.

Asian Style Platform Beds
From Japanese platform beds to Tatami beds, you learn what about popluar Asian Style platform beds.

Japanese Platform Beds
Make the most of your memory foam mattress and your bedroom with and Asian inspired Japanese platform bed.

Fireplace improves sleeping
Adding an electrical fireplace to your bedroom can bring more than just a cozy feeling.

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