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Shoulder Support Pillows

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Sleep in Amazing Comfort

Using this system has made me happy and healthy!

After the years of success and enjoyment using this system I bought my entire family their very own, we couldn´t be happier. Give yourself the gift of real enjoyment and join me.

Hug-T™ Pro

Conform Pillow are made with 4.25 lb Memory Foam covered in a 100% bamboo/cotton blend fabric. The entire product is made in the USA with the best materials. The Conform Cervical Pillows don't have any out-casing odors or toxic smells like off shore imports. They come in a variety of sized to fit your comfort, needs and desires.

Benefits Overview

The Hug-T™ Pro is designed with whole body in mind. When used in conjunction with its partner product (The Knee-T™ Pro), the body achieves a complete Bio-mechanically correct posture while side sleeping. This simulates the most popular and natural body position for sleeping. The Hug-T™ Pro addresses the following disorders:

Product Overview

  • *Small (5'8'' and below) and Large (5'9'' and above) 
  • Contour shaped so it fits both males and females
  • Covered with 100% cotton Sherpa 
  • Made from medical quality foam
  • Rotator Cuff Disorders
  • Frozen Shoulder Syndrome
  • Thoracic and Dorsal conditions
  • Lumbar curve restored
  • Kyphosis (expands chest to help eliminate rounding inward of the chest to increase respiration)
  • Available in two sizes: Small and Large*

Free Shipping On All Products!

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