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Foam Bed Memory Toppers Testimonials

Kristin, CT

I slept on a memory foam bed topper at a friend's guest room and loved it at first. The problem was that I woke up in the middle of the night and was way too hot. I loved the way that it felt so much and started researching online to find if there was a way around the heat problem. I've been using your topper with the air channels for three months now and never find it too hot! Thanks Sleep Aid for making a memory foam bed topper that breathes and stays cool.

Kevin, Fredericksburg, VA

Your Sleep Aid memory foam bed topper was the first purchase I have made online. I used the online buy it now feature and was happy to see my package arrive ahead of schedule. I liked that I never had to speak to a sales person and made my buying decision based on the recommendations on your website. I am enjoying my topper immensely.

Todd, CO

Thank you for recommending that I pay the extra money for the air channels. I was afraid that they would not live up to what the sales person said, but they do! I have never had a more comfortable bed. Thanks.

Josh, CA

I have a tendency to toss and turn a lot during the night and it keeps my wife up when I shake the bed. With my new memory foam bed topper I toss and turn a lot less and when I do the vibrations are dampened so my wife does not wake up. It's great that the two of us both getting better sleep thanks to your topper.

Annette, FL

My husband and I bought a memory foam bed topper online through a discount retailer. It said it was 4 lb. but it barely offered more support than our old egg crate topper. I knew that memory foam should have been better so we returned it and got a 4 lb. Sleep Aid topper. Our Sleep Aid topper offers all of the support that we were expecting and we got it for less than we were going to pay at our local back store. Thank you for providing a great product at a great price.

Jessica, FL

I recently purchased a high end memory foam bed topper from your competitor. When I received the topper I was disappointed to find that it hardly offered more support than my previous bed topper. I was told it would be firm but it wasn't! Needless to say, I sent it back and then chose to purchase your Dream series topper. Right away I could feel a huge difference between your Dream memory foam bed topper and the competitor's topper. That night I slept better than I have ever slept before and for once my back did not hurt when I woke up. Thanks you for helping me to sleep better.

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