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Memory foam mattresses and Memory foam mattress topper pads

Tired of Sleepless Nights?

If you´re tossing and turning all night, your body´s desperately trying to find the support it needs for a proper and restful sleep. With a healthy and non-toxic Sleep Aid® memory foam pad, which includes the patented Heat Reduction Channels, you won´t ever have to struggle for comfort again! Sleep Aid® memory foam pads provide the support you need to fall fast asleep. The Heat Reduction Channels also keep you cool for a sound sleep that lasts all night long. Simply lie down and relax as the natural Sleep Aid® material conforms to your whole body. You will receive the most restful sleep of your life!


Give up Restless Sleep for Dream Filled Nights

Your health is the most important; don´t settle for anything less than a Sleep Aid® memory foam mattress or topper. Sleep Aid® memory foam mattresses and toppers are the industry leaders for safe, healthy and natural memory foam products. Other brands of foam products don´t meet the high quality standards of the Sleep Aid® brand. Don´t be fooled by lower priced substitutes. A Sleep Aid® product will outperform all leading competitors in testing and survey´s. See the results on one of the tests Contact Us Over the last 23 years we have earned the reputation of excellence, with our customers approval rating. Over 90%of our customers have either recommended Healco to friends or repurchased another product for their family. Approximately 1 out of 4 sales every month is repeat customer.

Does Your Memory Foam Topper Breathe?

Other leading brands of memory foam toppers don´t provide proper air flow, but Sleep Aid´s® patented Heat Reduction Channels (HRC) draw heat away from your body and keep you cool and comfortable all night. This revolutionary air circulation advancement in our safe & healthy, non-toxic memory foam pads and mattresses works in all types of climates at any time of the year. The progressive design also provides the extra support where you need it and softness where you want it. Sleep Aid is the only manufacturer we this patented system. Again we have been tested again all others and test after test shows conclusively our design is superior in providing the most comfortable and consistent sleep.

Don´t Buy Memory Foam Produced With Flammable Toxins!

Made in USAOverseas memory foam mattresses and toppers are not manufactured to the same high standards as domestic toppers. One reason for this quality difference is foreign memory foam products aren´t required to pass the strict quality and health standards that the United States foam manufacturers do. These foreign memory foam products often contain highly toxic chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. They are not safe to sleep on. The leading brand actually has a label on the material that says "The odor will eventually dissipate". If you can´t be in the room with it, how do you sleep on it? Sleep Aid® guarantees the highest quality, toxin free, healthy, safe, fire resistant, and best memory foam toppers and pads that we can make.

We certify our foams through the CertiPUR-US© program

1. Low VOC´s
2. Made without heavy metals, mercury or prohibited phthalates
3. Made without formaldehyde
4. Made without PBDE´s
5. MADE without Ozone depletes (NO CFC´s)

Memory Foam Mattress Pads Are Not Created Equal!

A huge drawback to lower quality mattress toppers and mattress pads are that often distributors mislead their customers about the actual density of the foam they are selling. For example, they may advertise 4 pound density foam, but in actuality their product is 2 pound density. After you have spent your hard earned money, you end up with an overpriced memory foam pad that doesn´t provide the proper support for your body. Our competitors often falsely advertise the density of the foam they sell. They also sell you short on the size. Many offer their memory foam cut to a STANDARD size, but when you open the box, it´s up to 5" short on all sides. That´s one of the ways others try to sell memory foam mattress toppers so cheap. These same companies are using outdated manufacturing processes, producing memory foam mattress pads in large batches which are subject to the effects of gravity. What ends up happening is: the memory foam pieces on the top are significantly less dense than foam pieces at the bottom. More than likely, you´re NOT going to end up with the quality you paid for! Sleep Aid® is real quality that has been time tested with the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. If you have any sore muscles or aching body parts when you either go to bed or wake up, this is the solution for immediate relief. Sleep Aid® is the secret to staying healthy and happy.

The first 100% Natural - 90%Soy Based Toppers and Pads, No Petroleum!

Pur-Rest™ Our newest creation has just become available: The world´s first 100% natural, Soy based mattress pad, made in USA. Pur-Rest´s revolutionary technology is rating and testing with the best pressure reliving qualities (Most comfort) of any other material on the market. All reports have shown overwhelming results, see the Pressure mapping images and graphs here.

The ability to maintain the optimum temperature, even in the warmest conditions, has proven to be the solution for people with MS, Night Sweats, Menopausal - overheating, Fibromyalgia and other auto-immune deficiencies. The best side benefit is the energy saving of electricity. The cooling properties bring relief to your Air conditioning bills; it works even in 90 + degree climates. Pur-Rest™ is the ultimate "Green" product. The Pur- Rest™ is made with pure natural, safe, healthy, clean components. The Pur-Rest™ is covered in Bamboo and available with three different types of supporting bases. First; 100% Natural, USA made Organic Latex; Second; Bio-Memory foam™, and High Resiliency (HR) foam.

The Sleep Aid® Solution

  • Made in America
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Toxin Free
  • Heat Reduction Channels( HRCTM )
  • Surpasses Strictest Fire Codes
  • Up to 10 year warranty
  • 90 Day Money Back Comfort Guarantee

sleep Sleep Aid memory foam toppers & pads are created in large vacuum sealed container, to ensure the best quality and uniformity of each piece. In this exclusive manufacturing process, gravity doesn´t affect the levels of density in Sleep Aid™ products. The quality of the memory foam is unmatched and unsurpassed. In a word it is the Best!

Operation shoebox

shoebox Supporting our troops... literally!

The Healing Company has been providing Memory foam mattress toppers and pads for our service members, beginning in 2002. Since that time we sent hundreds of memory foam toppers to our service members, all over the world.

We have donated a number of memory foam pads to help support our troops through Operation Shoe box... toppers to our troops overseas!

 **Toppers get one pillow and mattress twin-full get one pillow and mattresses Queen and King get 2 pillows.
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